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Le site officiel de Dan Brown - Auteur du Da Vinci Code

Ses biographie et bibliographie - FAQ - Images - Révélations

Le site officiel de Lance Armstrong

son actualité et sa fondation de lutte contre le cancer

Le site de la Fondation Napoléon

le site incontournable pour tout savoir sur Napoléon et les 1er & 2nd Empire

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la galerie photos de Christian VERHILLE - auteur photographe

promenade artistique au coeur de la nature environnante - fonds d'écran

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Généalogie et disciplines rattachées

Portail de la généalogie : club - salle de lecture - recherche d'actes - boutique en ligne (grand choix d'ouvrages sur le sujet)

de nombreuses sources documentaires pour bien commencer en généalogie - forum - moteur de recherche - actus


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Free online English lessons & resources
A free complete site for learners and teachers. The most complete site on the web with straight sections (grammar, vocabulary, lessons, faq, forum, on line tests, quizzes, games and more) and two sections about pronunciation and dictation to improve your comprehension and spelling with soundtracks. It also contains a large resource section which offers lots more information : books, CDs, films and other recommended web sites. The diary page includes events and information about what's on in Britain ; this section contains full of information about British traditions and customs, and is update monthly.
A very good free website with a lot of explanations and links about grammar and vocabulary, quizzes and student forums.
Come, explore and learn the English language with ease and understand the correct grammar and its usage.
This website proposes grammar and spell checkers and a grammar guide for learning with examples. The grammar section is divided in 3 levels : lower, intermediate and upper intermediate. You also can find quizzes, forum, chat, faq and a test section which evaluates your grammar and gives some suggestions for further improvement.
The free course website for beginners. It contains 45 lessons with pictures and sound and refers to the grammar and vocabulary books by Raymond Murphy.
A specialized website which contains reading and writing handouts with a grammar section. For professional use only.

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